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A Typical Day and What to Expect

What to Bring:

                            - Make sure to bring a hat (to protect you from the sun and wind)

                            - Bring a fishing face shield/mask to help with the wind when traveling to your                               fishing location

                            - Sunscreen

                            - Bring a snack/food and some water (Capt. Steve has a cooler on the boat)

What to Expect: 

                            -When you arrive Capt. Steve will be waiting at the dock

                            - Depending on what kind of fish you are fishing for Capt. Steve will catch his                                  own live bait

                            - You will ride out to his suggested location and begin fishing

                            - If you are inexperienced it does not matter Capt. Steve does both spin fishing                                 and fly fishing

                            - If you end up catching a tasty fish Capt. Steve will help you fillet it when you                                 arrive back at the dock

                            - Expect to have a fun and exciting day out on the water!

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