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Little Tarpon

Bass Pro Shop owner John Morris catching a tarpon with Captain Steve

Florida Bay


Tarpons are the acrobats of the sea. Once you have one on your line you will know. The fish will continuously jump  out of the water. The average Tarpon ranges from 40-150 pounds. 

The Gulf

The Everglades

Spanish Mackerel 

Mackerel have a long sleek silvery body. They are typically around 10 pounds. They are a fun fish to catch and many people enjoy the taste of them. 


Snook are typically found near bridges and docks. They can be spotted by their definitive black line. They put up a good fight by running and jumping out of the water. They are typically around 10-30 pounds.



Bonefish are some of the hardest fish to catch. They have great eyesight and they are easily spooked. Moving at speeds up to 30 mph the difficulty of catching a Bonefish is what makes them one of the most exciting sport fish to catch.

Tripletail are a great fish to eat! They get their name from their three distinct fins. Sometimes they will float towards the top of the water or you can find them near crab traps. They are great at camouflaging themselves and are typically around 5-15 pounds. 


Redfish are slightly red in color with a dominant dot typically near their tail. They are typically 5-30 pounds. This fish has quite a bit of stamina and will take your line for a run. 

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At an early age growing up in New Hampshire, Steve dreamed of moving to Florida and becoming a fishing guide.

He did just that, by moving to the Florida Keys in 1997 with his yellow lab Sage (named after his favorite fly rod brand) and his bride Jennifer. Together, Steve and Jennifer have two beautiful children — Maggie and son Campbell. Maggie loves fishing with her Daddy but has yet to catch a "Mermaid".

Steve enjoys guiding anglers of all ages and skill levels with sight fishing being his passion. Anglers are shown diverse opportunities from Goliath Grouper and Cobia in the Gulf, to Snook and Redfish in shallow waters of the Everglades National Park, to Bonefish and Tarpon in the Florida Bay.

Steve considers himself very blessed by living his dream!

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